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We are not doctors, we are paramedics.  We do not profit from this site.  It is created in the spirit of #FOAMed (Free Open Access Meducation) specifically for paramedics.

As paramedics you are medical professionals.  You should not be changing your practice based on things you see on the internet and that includes everything on this site.  To be clear – it would be extremely irresponsible as a professional paramedic to do anything you see done in videos on this site without first discussing it with your medical director and getting their explicit approval.

That said, what we hope to do with this site is encourage medical discussions and debates amongst our peers.


*The information found on this website and its corresponding online communities are not meant to replace the advice of a health professional. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a paramedic and their medical oversight group. Paramedics should always talk with their medical leadership before changing anything about the way they practice.

Advanced Paramedicine is about improving.  We believe that by engaging paramedics with entertaining online resources and discussion we can help to improve patient care and our profession. The set of online resources we’ve made available can only be as good as the people involved in making them. We need your help!  If you are want to help educate your fellow paramedics by making some good content for the site, you are welcome to help!  Even simple participation in the discussion group will help to create the vibrant community that we need to encourage good practice and improvement.

Please respect each others ideas and contributions.  Critical debate is healthy but please keep it constructive.


Email us here:  info@advancedparamedicine.ca


Privacy Policy:

Very simply, we do not sell or share any of your personal information with anyone outside of the third party companies required to deliver our services.  Here is an incomplete list of those companies:  Our web hosting company is whc.ca.  Our company is CrackerApp Corp., operating here as AdvancedParamedicine.ca.  Comments are provided through Disqus.  Various wordpress plugins are used including some that interact with the social network companies Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram.