I am the Batman

//I am the Batman

I am the Batman

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Better – ACP paramedic wellness

Date: Wednesday April 12th
Time: Starting at 1:30… ending when done
Place: Justice Institute of BC, Room 206
Call in info: Call 1-855-888-4937. All Participants will be prompted to enter the Participant Code 2506405, followed by the # sign



Conference Call

We are going to try a conference call system (used in gaming) twitch.tv.  Here is how you can sign up.   Here is how you can watch my broadcast – just search “I am Batman” on the top search function.


The Slides

If you can’t access the conference call, Here are slides to accompany the

PDF of Presentation


After meeting Social Event

The Castle Neighbourhood grill

319 Governors court

New Westminster, BC

Video of session



Tema Conter Memorial Trust

Emotional Survival for law enforcement

The Teaching Institute – Plimsol Line

The Minimalists



Our Iceberg is melting

Scotland 3RU, Scotland’s General cardiac arrest survival strategySeattle Medic One, Ambulance Victoria

Berwick’s Moral Test


Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Dalhousie Teaching and Assessing Critical thinking (TACT)

Canadian Evidence Based Practice (PEP) Website

The Resuscitation Academy

Bujinkan, Honbu Page

Nitobe Gardens

TopgunDead Poet’s SocietyBlade Runner, Bladerunner 2049Batman Begins, Lego Batman, Dark Night, Dark Knight Rises, Justice League

Rainbow connection

And finally, this presentation is  brought to you by the letter K

…. that was just to put a smile on your face.

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Gene Benoit, CCP is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic and Clinical Educator from Vancouver, British Columbia.

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