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I am so fortunate to be a flight paramedic in BC, to serve patients of this province, and to bring clinical education to the great paramedics who help them.  It allows me to see a beauty I think only people in the places I go get to appreciate (and sometimes not at all as I can only see them from the air).  I am still amazed by the view and not sure if I could ever get bored.

I am going to post a few pictures of my journeys of late.  They aren’t professional but I still think they are incredible.  I hope you get some joy from them m.  Feel free to copy or do whatever you want with them.  I just hope you enjoy them as much as I do when I fly.


Graeme Pole is a paramedic/instructor in BC but his true calling is that he is an amazing writer on Canadiana and does beautiful photography to add to his prose.  See

Ian MacDonald is also a paramedic/Education Officer in BC and his photos are stunning.  Check them out at

They are both great paramedics and educators, but you will see their true calling is elsewhere!